Maghrib Prayer Benefits & 10 Reasons To Never Miss It

Maghrib Prayer Benefits & 10 Reasons To Never Miss It

It is desirable to recite surah Al-Kafiroon and surah Al-Ikhlas in those two Rakat of Sunnah.

Performing ablution (wudhu) before performing maghrib or prayer at any time cleanses our soul of any sins and misconceptions.

Advice for Muslims- being a Muslim, in every prayer, ask for forgiveness of sins, evil deeds.

May Allah have mercy upon all of us, May He make all of us habitual of doing good deeds.

Allah is the kindest and Merciful, and He does not burden a soul beyond the limit.

Life in this world is complex and full of hurdles, but Allah (S.W.T) promises a life with peace and tranquillity in the hereafter after Maghrib Salah

Allah (S.W.T) is bountiful and loves His Ummah dearly. He keeps on forgiving our sins.

It is beneficial to stay at home during Maghrib, the sunsets and reaches dusk. There are entities that no one can see, and they can harm humans, children, and animals.