Kumkum Bhagya 31 May 2022 Written Update

Prachi enters the house to see Ranbir holding the aarti plates in his hands.

Rhea wants to know what all this means. Prachi replies that even I don’t know. Ranbir interrupts Prachi and asks him to stop. He says, "I want to do your Aarti. But match stick isn't lighting."

He calls Mahua to ask for match sticks, and Rhea and Shahana are asked to enter. Rhea says that he wants to perform Prachi's Aarti.

Pallavi questions why you are doing the aarti. Ranbir believes that aarti will not be performed after she becomes a mother.

Ranbir asks Prachi if he will stand. Dida replies that either Pallavi, or I will do the aarti.

Ranbir claims he would like to perform the aarti, and makes welcome promises to Prachi.

He offers his hand. He asks her for her hand. She is shocked at his sweet gesture.

Ranbir asked Prachi if she had any food cravings. Prachi replied that since Prachi was in hospital, it is possible to crave spicy food.

He asks her to tell Mahua. Prachi replies that he will tell Mahua when he wants.

Vikram believes that this may be his way of saying thank you to Prachi for saving him.