Kumkum Bhagya Show: 15 July 2022 Written Update [Exclusive]

Vikram, who is depressed by his failed dream and the drinks at the party in the episode before Kumkum Bhagya's previous episode, was depressed.

Pallavi voiced her concern and expressed her concern about Ranbeer, Vikram and Vikram.

Vikram is told by her that he shouldn't change and that he should forgive Ranbeer.

Vikram believes Ranbeer is irresponsible, and that he cannot forgive him.

While Ranbeer attempts to speak to Prachi at the party, Rhea watches them closely.

Ranbeer is advised by Prachi to spend more time together with Rhea, and focus on her child.

Rhea comes in, announces she will bring in the cake and then proceeds with her plan.

Ranbeer informs Prachi that his father is hurting him by being with Ranbeer. Prachi tells Ranbeer to stop, and he says he can't.

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