Anupama 3 June 2022 Written Update

Anuj And Anupama are back in their room at the Hotel. Anupama remains silent.

Anuj is begging her to speak her thoughts and break her silence.

Anupama remembers Anuj's desire to adopt baby Anu.

She claims she is able to go on with her life, but she must do it with respect as her mother did.

Kavya says she's excited to meet Kinjal's new baby. She will visit only after birth.

Kinjal jokes that her child would be thrilled to see an attractive dadi. Kavya declares that dadi isn't her name.

Anupama says to Anuj that all will eventually retire but a mother doesn't and she became mother three times

She concludes that it is difficult to assume the responsibility of raising a child.

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