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Pet Dard Ki Dua in Hindi, English & Urdu | पेट दर्द की दुआ

Pet Dard Ki Dua in English

Here is the Pet Dard Ki Dua in English if you aren’t able to read it in Urdu, and if you scroll down, I have inserted the image as well.

[su_box title=”Pet Dard Ki Dua in English Translation”]A’udhu Billahi Wa Qudratihi Min Sharri Ma Ajidu Wa Uhadhiru[/su_box]

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पेट दर्द की दुआ

Many people couldn’t read in English or Urdu, so I had inserted one more section in Hindi.

[su_box title=”पेट दर्द की दुआ हिंदी में”]आऊजु बिल्लाहि वा क़ुदरतीही मीन शर्री मा अजिदु वा ऊहाझीरु[/su_box]

Pet Dard Ki Dua Urdu Me

Below you’ll find the Pet Dard Ki Dua in Urdu version, which is easy to read.

[su_box title=”Pet Dard Ki Dua Urdu Me”]آجو بلہی اور قدرتی من شری میں اجیڈو یا اوہاجرو۔[/su_box]

Pet Dard Ki Dua Kaise Padhe

There are many dua recitation videos you would have watched, but the video which I’m going to embed below this video is the best Dua recitation, in my opinion.

Please comment down if you have watched any other dua recitation, which is better than my version. I’ll edit this post.

Pet Dard Ka Wazifa

If you’re suffering from stomach pain and want the instant remedy from it then in this post you will get the dua for dard release.

Below I have shared one video of Ayatul Kursi Dua Wazifa. You must watch the video and let me know if you have any queries.

Final Words

I hope from this article. You get the Pet Dard Ki Dua in your desired language. Humble request that you recite this Dua whenver you suffer from stomach pain.

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